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Discovery Kids Academy

Explore. Discover. Learn. 

Discovery Kids Academy is a premier childcare center in St. George, Utah. We are currently accepting applications for enrollment.

Discover Incredible

True to our name, discovery is a core part of who we are, and that doesn't just apply to the kids. We are constantly working to improve our processes and curriculum by incorporating both proven and innovative strategies. In doing so, we believe we can help each child explore and learn in ways that are personalized to their individual needs. In other words, as your child discovers and grows, so do we.


We have three rooms for infants younger than 24 months.


We have four rooms for kids between the ages 2 - 3.


We have two rooms dedicated to our 4 - 5 year old kids.


We have three rooms built to support kids between ages 6 - 10.


Our Approach

Children’s curiosity about the world around them is a powerful catalyst for learning. That's why we built the Discovery Kids Academy Inquiry Model around the potential and inquisitiveness of children.  


At Discovery Kids Academy, children experience both child and teacher-initiated activities where their individual ideas and questions are valued and respected. Our thematic units are inspired by students’ interests, support children’s curiosity and align the depth of our work with key learning milestones. The Discovery Kids Academy Learning Model promotes growth by guiding deeper thinking and awareness through exploration and play to foster a lifelong love of learning. 

What Parents Think

“I was immediately impressed by how organized and professional everything was. I was even more impressed when Hayden came home excited to go back the next day. I'd definitely recommend Discovery Kids Academy!"

Hayden's Mom

Our Facility

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